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 Thematic areas

  • Equipment and materials for digital printing.
  • Equipment and materials for wide-format printing.
  • Expendable materials for advertising and design works.
  • Equipment and materials for producing promotional souvenirs.
  • Equipment, technologies, and materials for producing outdoor advertising.
  • Graphics systems.
  • PrePress.
  • PostPress.
  • Consumables, accessories and spare parts.
  • Paper and cardboard.

 Aims of the trade show

  • To provide every exhibitor with the maximum possible amount of useful contacts with prospective customers;
  • To create a platform for business discussion with leading companies whose technologies are setting the trends in the advertisement production market;
  • To demonstrate the latest technologies, equipment, and materials for production of advertisements to directors and specialists in the advertisement production industry.

 Target audience

  • Directors, managers, and designers from advertising agencies of various sizes.
  • Directors, designers, and production engineers from firms producing advertisements, from printing enterprises, and from publishing houses.