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Ladies and gentlemen!
We invite you to participate in the program of events of the T-REX trade show.
On September 19 - 21, the speaker area will work non-stop, where the best experts in advertising and printing market will share their experience and ideas on the development of the industry.
If you consider yourself an expert and want to talk about:

  • Modern printing technologies
  • Production of advertising
  • Design
  • Visual industry
  • Advertising technologies
  • Packaging
  • Production
  • Other interesting profile topics

Send your applications with the topic of the speech to onoprienko@eindex.kiev.ua  and we will contact you to discuss all the details.

Participation conditions:
Participation priority have participants with booths. The lengh of the report is 30 minutes. The organizational fee is 40 €, according to the NBU rate. The cost includes a set of presentation equipment and information support for the report.